Clock Stencil


  1. Create a washed effect on the wall by either mixing 50/50 paint and water and apply with a damp cloth or apply paint to wall and use a damp mutton cloth to wipe the brush out to create that washed out effect. Feel free to use other neutral colours to mix and match the effect on the wall you are trying to create.
  2. When mounting the stencil, be sure to make sure it is tightly secured to the wall and levelled to your exact requirements.
  3. Once mounted, use Cloud White with a foam roller and apply gently over stencil. Important ensure paint in roller is evenly distributed and never over saturated to avoid paint for creeping underneath the stencil.
  4. Remove stencil from wall once paint is touch dry.

Washed Wall with Mottle Effect


  1. Wet a mutton cloth in water and squeeze out excess water.
  2. Apply a small amount of Dons Wash with brush evenly within the cloth.
  3. Apply a light circular motion on the wall with the mutton cloth apply more paint to cloth when needed for an even coat of the area.
  4. Use various colours to achieve your desired look.
  5. Leave for 24-48 Hours to dry.
  6. Write or Draw your desired text or picture with chalk on the finished wall.

Drum Draw


  1. First very important step is if any surface that has received furniture polish or oil,  any tile and bathroom surface should be cleaned with Lacquer Thinners and allow to dry completely (20 Minutes).
  2. Shake Comfort’s Blue paint jar for approximately 30 seconds before opening.
  3. Paint surface of the drum leaving with and even coat. And allow paint to dry.
  4. Use Sherif’s Stone, Dons Wash and Shorty’s Story for the draws.
  5. Mount stencil with masking tape onto the drum so that it sits completely flat on the surface area.
  6. Use Dry Stencil Brush into and dip into Sherifs Stone or a colour of your choice paint and use a cloth to dry the tip of the brush and apply to stencil in a circular motion and allow to dry before removing the stencil.
  7. Use and 80 Grit Sand paper and sand down entire drum as disired.
  8. Dilute Clear Glaze to 1 part water to 3 parts Glaze.
  9. Use a slightly damp cloth in to the glaze dilution and squeeze out and excess.
  10. Wipe the drum with the cloth ensuring all areas have been covered.
  11. (NB: Wait a minimum of 48 hours before placing anything on top of the drum to ensure the Glaze has cured.

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