Looking to jazz up your outdoor furniture? Do it the Tjhoko way.

Here’s how…

1. Paint the raw cement surface with Paint Master’s water-based Primers & Undercoat and leave for about 2 hours.
2. When the primer is dry, apply 2 coats of the base colour (we used Sherif’s Stone).
3. Wait until the Sherif’s Stone feels dry to the touch and then apply a coat of Vinia Stone, followed by a layer of Silver Moon, using the dry-brush technique (dip just the tip of your brush in the paint).
4.  Mix 5ml Vinia Stone with 1 pot of Stencil of Paris to tint the paste slightly. Place the stencil on the seat of the stump and spread the Stencil of Paris over the stencil with the paint scraper. Make sure you have applied it evenly and then lift the stencil from left to right while the paste is still wet. Wash the stencil and paint scraper immediately with lukewarm water.
5. Wait about 4 hours for the paint and Stencil of Paris to dry and harden completely before applying the glaze. Dilute the Clear Glaze by 30% with water. Dip a damp mutton cloth (about the size of a dishcloth) in the glaze, squeeze out any excess moisture and wipe the glaze evenly over the entire surface.

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