I absolutely adore Proteas so there’s a bit of a theme in my living area with soft colours and bunnies and Proteas they kind of take over😄

I love revamping decor instead of throwing out. This was an old canvas print, I painted a coat of grey then several coats of Cloud White for the base.
The reason I did a coat of Grey first is because I needed the old print to disappear completely and I used Cloud White because the transfers are translucent and I knew a White background would best showcase them.

I used two French script transfers and the Protea transfer. I also used several bits and pieces of different stencils with Stencil of Paris. I dry brushed the raised stencilling with Dani’s Dare , Olivia’s Pale and Nade. And lastly decided to cover half of them  with Elvis mix…..because why not?

The grey was an accidental custom mix of Dumisa and  Matt black.
Cloud White as foundation
Stencil of Paris
Dry brushing with Dani’s Dare and Elvis Mix
Three transfers
Stamp stencils and pieces of other stencils…..i mentioned all of it in detail on the pictures you have. Let me know if you want me to add their details.
Oh and sealed with clear glaze.

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