Ladies ……..she is FINALLY finished. After weekends of hard work. I’m super happy with her 🥀🌺🍁🍂🍃🌸
💛 paint stripper to top
🍂 sanded down with electric sander
🍃 Filled all holes and cracks with wood filler and built up right hand door where old handle used to be. Corners of base of cupboard needed total repair and build up as severely chipped
🥀 Olivia’s Pale applied to whole cupboard ( 2 coats)
🌷 my paper is actually laser colour photocopies of my material that I am using for my cushions in room makeover ( took 2 days to cut this all out✂️)
💚 then took 2 days to arrange pattern of the paper as it’s all separate pieces stuck together to give illusion of 1 piece
🍁 1 day to glue down and leave to dry
🌼 clear glaze to whole cupboard
🌻 clear varnish to wooden top
🌿 handles bought from Shein website
I deserve that G&T now 🍹🍹🍹💚💛

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