“My story…


I am always on the search for quaint and solid furniture pieces that although were once preloved, have lost their former glory and are needing a new “lease on life”.


Perhaps where others see the unsightliness, I see the potential and welcome the challenge to create something beautiful.


The oak cabinet was purchased from a local charity shop and had long been forgotten under the stacks of furniture around it. Many hours of sanding and stripping off the old enamel paint revealed the beautiful oak wood underneath. And although I love to experiment and mix colours, I also wanted to restore and showcase the original oak wood. 


The feature colours I selected were True Blue and Matt Black. I mixed the Matt Black with antique glaze to create a blended look. I used the same French script stencil (one of my favorites), on the doors and the cupboard panels. Including Stencil of Paris to create a “wallpaper” textured look.


I am very happy with this classical style, and know that this piece will take pride in any room of the house.


Thank you Tjhoko paints. “

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