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Yes, you can paint on bathroom wall tiles.

What you need:


1. Clean the surface well with Lacquer Thinners.

2. Important is to use gloves and a mask.

3. Wait 20 minutes for Thinners to evaporate

4. Pour some Tjhoko Paint in a paint tray

5. Use the foam roller and wet it well in the paint ensuring that it is covered in paint all around.

6. Start by evenly rolling the paint onto the surface.  Don’t worry if air bubbles appear. These will disappear as the paint dries.  Be careful not to over work the foam roller:  Don’t roll too much – this is when a rough surface is created once the paint has dried.

7. Once the first coat is evenly applied, allow the paint to dry (more or less 30 minutes) before the next coat is applied.

8. Once the paintwork has been completed wait at least 4 hours before the glazing process starts.

9. Apply the clear Glaze:

Clear Glaze is a pure acrylic product, which proves to be an excellent sealant.

 It is water-based.

Stand back and enjoy your creation!