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Do not leave the unused transfer in the sun.

Seal with Clear Glaze before starting the application of the Waterslide Transfer.

1. Remember these transfers are translucent, so your background colour shows through the transfer.

2. Pastel colours work best.

3. DO NOT let the transfer lie in the water until the top and bottom comes apart.

4. Remember to apply a little bit of sealer where you are going to apply the transfer, the sealer act as a glue to keep the transfer in place.

5. When you are finished applying the water slide transfer, take your time and make sure all the water and air bubbles have been rubbed out from underneath the transfer. If you notice some small bubbles take a sharp pin and give it a prick then gently rub over it again. Always work from the middle to the outer edge. Work gently!

6. Seal your transfer with Clear Glaze once you are done.