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Hi Nadine

Today I want to tell you about my Tjhoko experience.

I am not an artist, definitely not! 

I’ve used other brands of Chalk paint, but I must say…it was not a good experience for me, and the customer service, well there was none..

Then one day I saw the Tjhoko Facebook page and joined them immediately.

My very first observation was that doesn’t matter what you asked you always get an answer, very that made me think that at least there is life in the Tjhoko factory…ūüėĄ

So then I looked at the prices and saw that it was actually cheaper than what I paid for my no name chalk paint, if you take the area it covers in consideration.

Then the more I look at all the stunning things all the ladies paint, the more I want to change my home. 

So the first chance I got I placed an order for my very own Tjhoko paint.

4 Days after my order was finalised my magic box was deliverd. I was so excited, felt like a little girl before Christmas.

Well to say the least, I started with my sons room the next day, and boy oh boy I loved every moment. 

I will definitely not buy any other chalk paint again…

At this moment I am busy with my back door and then my bedroomsuit will be next. I also bought paint for my spare bathroom and dining table and chairs…

So at this rate, I would live to bring my whole house to life with Tjhiko paint. 

I already told my sister and friends that there really is no other chalk paint like Tjhoko paint…

I wish to thank you and your team for the great service I received with my order and my lovely free gift, and also for the great videos you share with us on Youtube, as well as the help and support on your Facebook page. 

I am one very happy Tjhokoholic fan…that’s for sure…

You must have a great day