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I absolutely love Tjhoko! 

As someone whose job is sitting behind a computer all day, I need a creative outlet and Tjhoko is that for me! I am painting everything I can get my hands on and in the process, driving my very OCD husband,  insane because my projects are standing everywhere in our very compact little house. 

I started now on decor in my kitchen. I still have to convince the husband that painting the kitchen cupboards is a great idea, but I am working on it. ūüėÄ

What I love about Tjhoko is the colours and the texture. It is also super easy to use! And if you make a mistake – just Tjhoko over it! Easy as that!  The fact that you can literally Tjhoko anything is also great!  I did one of my glass cutting boards and it looks beautiful! 

Thank you very much for this amazing product which kept me sane during the horrible year that was 2020 and will certainly do so for many years to come! ‚̧